Family Law

Family Law

If you are reading this page, you have probably separated from your partner, or you are thinking about separating from your partner.  You are likely feeling sad, scared, angry, confused, and threatened. You are wondering what will happen next.  You are wondering what to do and who to turn to.

You will often have the following questions:

Where will our children live?
Will I get to see my children?  How often can I see them?
Will I have to pay support to my partner? How much will I have to pay?
How will we divide up our property and debts?
Where will I live? Can I stay in the house?  Will we have to sell our home?
How will I afford to feed and house my family?
Do I need a lawyer?  Can I afford a lawyer?

We can help you with these questions.
When we talk about Family Law, we are talking about issues that arise out of people separating, including:

Custody of and Access to Children,
Property equalization
Matrimonial and Commonly Occupied and/or Owned Homes,
Child and Spousal support,
Safety Issues where a partner may be abusive, including restraining orders and exclusive possession orders.

We can help you prepare court papers, navigate the court process, and attend with you at court, if you have already been served with court papers.

If you have not already been pulled into the court system, however, we can help you stay out of it. We will tell you about alternatives to going to court.  We will tell you about collaborative family law.  Collaborative Family Law is a process in which you each have your own lawyer, but the lawyers work together with you and your partner.  During the collaborative family law process we will help you identify your individual interests, come up with options to satisfy these interests, and ultimately work out a settlement  to meet you and your partner’s  interests and needs.

We can help you prepare a separation agreement, which is a document outlining what you are going to do with your debts and assets, (property division) what you are going to pay each other  for support (child and spousal support), and how you are going to allocate your children’s time and the responsibilities between you and your partner (custody and access).

If we are your lawyer, we will listen to your concerns and questions and try to address them promptly, honestly, and clearly.  We will not sugar coat things.   We will give you a realistic explanation of your situation and your options.  Our ultimate goal is to help you resolve your family issues in a cost effective way.