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Family Law Attorney

You have worked hard all your life. You got married. You had children. You have done everything the way that you were supposed to.  You are starting to get out of debt, save up for your retirement, take a few trips and begin to enjoy life.
Then it happens.

Your spouse says it’s over.  He/She says they don’t feel the same way about you anymore.  You’ve gone through counseling as a couple and have talked in detail about the issues facing your marriage.  It’s just not working.

You are full of questions.  Where will you live?  What will happen to your children and how will custody work? Who will pay the bills?

At Langford Law Offices, we understand how emotionally devastating a marriage breakdown can be.  We have helped many people in this situation.

Wills and Powers of Attorney

A will sets out who is in charge of your property and where your property goes when you die. A power of attorney sets out who is in charge of your property and your care if you are still alive, but are unable to make decisions for yourself.

Buying and Selling a Home

When you buy a home, your lawyer will ensure that you are buying what you think you are buying, and that any hidden problems with the property are exposed and resolved.  When you sell a home, your lawyer will make sure that the transaction goes smoothly, any loose ends are worked out, and you get your money at the end.

We are Langford Law Offices, and we are here to help.  We will listen to you, spend time with you, and guide you every step of the way.